For participants

Scientists faculty, lecturers, postgraduate researchers and students from Research Institutes and Universities, as well as stakeholders from Federal and Municipal institutions, relevant Ministries and Agencies, business and NGO, who are interested in the practical implementation of the scientific results, are invited to participate in the Conference.

Presentation: on Plenary (20 min.) or Oral (15 min.) session, and Poster presentation.

Registration: on the Conference website. Registration form has to be submitted before April 15, 2016. Organizing Committee will confirm the registration and provide individual participant number.

Upon receiving individual participant number, papers for publication in Conference Proceedings should be submitted on the Conferense website by 15 June 2016.

Papers (maximum 4 pages, including illustrations, tables, and references) should be typed in the Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, size 12, single-space, saved as .doc, .rtf or .docx and named by the first author’s surname. Instructions to authors are available on the Conference website Conference website. Editing and reviewing of the submitted papers will not be provided; however, the Organizing Committee will reject papers not relevant to the Conference topics or prepared not following the Instructions for authors.