Requirements for papers

Proceedings of the Conference are planned to be published.

Please respect the following instructions to facilitate the online submission of your manuscript and use the Example. The manuscripts should be prepared in Russian or English.

Papers (maximum 4 pages, including illustrations, tables, and references) should be typed in the Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, size 12, single-space, saved as .doc, .rtf or .docx and named by the first author’s surname (in English). Variables and abbreviations must be clearly defined on first use, and all notation must be consistent throughout the text, equations, figures and tables.

A4 paper size.

The margins are 2 cm almost all round with the exception of at the left side (2,5 cm)

The manuscript document should be compiled in the following order:

  • Title. Manuscript title  should be typed in capital  letters, 14 size, centered
  • Last name and initials of the Authors. Font 12, paragraph without indents, line-height before and after section – 12 pt.
  • Affiliations, e-mail of presenting author. Font 12, paragraph without indents, line-height before and after section – 12 pt.
  • An abstract is a concise summary of the manuscript, which should not exceed 4 – 6 lines.
  • Key words. Maximum 7 key words comma separated.
  • Main text. Font 12, paragraph with indents 1,25 cm, single-space, width alignment. Links should be inserted in square brackets as a number according to list of References. References should be numbered in the order in which they appear in the manuscript.
  • References. Font 12, paragraph without indents, left aligned, line-height before – 12 pt. and after – 6 pt. The list of references please make out in accordance with Example as numbered list, font 12, width alignment.
  • Figures should be inserted in the text as Microsoft Word Figure. Figures should be of good enough quality and appropriate size for publication: graphs and line-drawn maps with a resolution of at least 600 dpi, other figures at least 300 dpi. Figure captions should be centered, paragraph without indents, (Fig. 1 caption)
  • The Equations should be typed in Microsoft Equation editor,  normal symbol size 14, large index –size 7, small index – size 5; large symbol size – 18, small symbol size – 12; paragraph without indents; centered; the equations should be numbered at the right, in bracket
  • Table(s) should be inserted in the text. The caption(s) should be centered, paragraph without indents; size 12 (Table 1 – Caption),line-height before and after – 6 pt.